We have a PATREON!

I am so excited to announce the Geeky Girl Experience Patreon!

Patreon is a monthly subscription service where you can pay for different tiers of content. There are three tiers at the moment:

The Fist Bump Experience is a general thanks for supporting me. Running a website isn’t free, so every little bit helps!

The High Five Experience is where the fun starts. This will give you access to an exclusive podcast called Hope Makes Chris Watch Cartoons, a podcast looking at a variety of animated shows. First up is Gravity Falls!

The Dance Off Experience is all of the above as well as monthly vlogs. These will be in depth discussions, reviews, and more covering a variety of topics.

This is just to get me started. I’m planning for more tiers in the future once things get underway!

Click the button below to get started:

Become a Patron!

If you don’t wish to have a monthly subscription, you can always support the site through one time payments through Ko-Fi:

The BIGGEST help is word of mouth. Telling people about the site. Sharing my posts with other people. Retweeting. Reblogging. This is the biggest thing you can do as a reader.

Every little bit helps. Thank you so much for your continued support.




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