My Personal Favorite Episodes of She-Ra

Spoilers for the entire series

Because I’m still on a She-Ra and the Princesses of Power high, I wanted to talk about my personal favorite episodes.

These are not what I think are the best written or most important episodes. These are my personal favorites based on my own opinion. My favorite ships, characters, and storylines do come into play. Perhaps in the future, I’ll write up a list of the best written episodes.

But for today, I’m going to treat myself and write up my self-indulgent list. These are listed in chronological order when they aired.


System Failure

As I stated in my post about why people should watch She-Ra, it took me about half the first season to get hooked by the show. The first several episodes are a lot of exposition and introducing the huge ensemble cast. It didn’t really dive too deep into the darker parts of the narrative yet. It felt really adventure of the week.

But when we got to “System Failure,” I was introduced to Entrapta who instantly became my favorite character. She was drastically different from the Princesses introduced up to that point. She didn’t have magic. She was a scientist and an inventor which set her apart from the others. It was a completely new element introduced into the world setting up a nature and magic verses technology and man made creations story.

Also, Entrapta brought something entirely new to the series that isn’t usually seen in animation. I couldn’t write about it at the time when I wrote my editorial about why She-Ra is historic. It wasn’t confirmed then, but it’s confirmed now:

Entrapta is on the autism scale which is so new to see. Sam Szymanski, one of the board artists, helped with her creation and physical acting. Sam is also autistic which brought authenticity to Entrapta. We got to see her grow, work in groups, make friends, be a hero, and get a love interest over the course of five seasons. I can’t think of a show that has ever given us an amazing and well written character like this before. I love Entrapta so much. I know she means so much to so many people.


Princess Prom

Who doesn’t love “Princess Prom?”

It’s a great balance of the ensemble cast up to this point. We see a lot of the dynamics built up so far come into play. Everyone is so fancy in their dresses and suits. We get so many wonderfully queer moments in this episode. The first half is a lot of fun.

But this was also where the show started to hook me in. The ending with Bow and Glimmer captured by the bad guys finally started to push the narrative away from an episodic adventure of the week story. It shifted into an epic fantasy serial series, and it never let up from this episode.

Also, Scorpia looks amazing in her dress, and I love her.



Entrapta meeting Hordak is part of the reason I love this episode. Entrapdak is my favorite ship of the show, and it all started in this episode. It’s a wonderful meet cute where Hordak is grumpy and Entrapta just wants to do science. Narratively speaking, it’s a big moment too. Entrapta helping Hordak on his portal machine is what sets off many major events for the rest of the series.

But what I also really enjoy about “Signals” is Catra’s story. Catra hits an unlikely roadblock in her rise to power:


She has to learn to manage supply lines, food, weapons, and where to get materials to make all of these things. She learns that being a leader isn’t just about winning battles or commanding soldiers. Little details like these is what can make or break an army. When she finally sits down and starts to go through files and various papers, it’s a nice mature moment for her that I really enjoyed.


Roll with It

The Dungeons and Dragons episode!

This is just so much fun. That’s the real reason this is on my personal list. I love seeing all the mixed animation styles with nods to Cowboy Bebop and even the original She-Ra. The D&D element is a nice way to explore the various “what if” scenarios. It’s also a great bonding moment for all of the princesses as they figure out how to work together.

I really love Scorpia in this episode too. It’s one of the first times we get to see her in a leadership position without Catra there. She’s kind and caring to the people under her. She’s open to Lonnie’s suggestions when Scorpia needs help. It’s a nice foundation episode to really showcase what makes Scorpia great.



I do love the introduction of Huntara. She’s a drastically different woman which adds to an already rich ensemble cast. But let’s be honest here. I love this episode for the Entrapdak train. Choo choo!

I’ve always been a sucker for both side characters and villains. To me, that’s where the most experimentation can be made in a story. I tend to find protagonists boring as they usually fall into overused hero tropes (just to clarify, I don’t feel this way about She-Ra’s protagonists. I’m speaking in general). Villains and side characters let creators try new things. If it doesn’t work out, then they can choose not to use those characters as much. This always led me to falling for side character relationships too, because I always found them far more fascinating. But I am used to those ships not becoming canon or rarely getting screen time.

Back in “Signals,” I first thought that Hordak and Entrapta would be a cute couple. Then in “Huntara,” the story doubles down and gave me a full ship to sail on. We get Hordak’s backstory of being a clone of Horde Prime. Entrapta takes care of him by wrapping him in a blanket and makes him tiny soup. She creates him new armor powered by a First Ones crystal that says the word “Luvd” on it, being the first time that anyone showed Hordak kindness and love. Entrapta states that she enjoys imperfections and finds them beautiful, something that saves Hordak in season five. And they confirm their friendship for each other at the end of the episode.

My shipper heart can’t handle this! Noelle Stevenson and her crew fed me so much goodness and I love it!


The Coronation

I always liked this episode. But as I was doing a rewatch to get ready for season five, it hit me a little differently. Back in February, my eighteen-year-old nephew suddenly passed away in a car accident. It’s been several difficult months for my family to find a new normal since then.

I really felt for Glimmer as she struggled with the loss of her mother, Angella. The world doesn’t stop when someone is gone. She doesn’t have time to grieve or figure out things for herself. I understood why she breaks down in the middle of her coronation. She has a real fear that everyone was pretending it was okay when it wasn’t. Glimmer, herself, wasn’t okay.

And I had personally been in Adora and Bow’s position too. I struggled with what to say or do for my sister. I succeeded and failed at different things as I tried to help her heal. And like them, I could only be a support system when she needed me. Together, we’re finding a new normal as we remember my nephew like Glimmer found one too after losing her mother.

I didn’t expect this episode to hit me so hard during my rewatch. I connected to it on a much deeper level, and now I cherish it so much.



This is the much needed Lonnie, Kyle, and Rogelio episode.

One of my very few gripes of season five is the fact that the ensemble cast is so huge. Several characters were left out of the overall story like Huntara and our lovable Horde Trio. Luckily, they at least got one big episode in season four.

I especially love seeing Kyle’s heroic moment. He’s the one everyone picks on the entire series. Everyone blames all their failures on him. But when his loved ones are in danger, it’s Kyle who steps up to take charge of the situation. He risks his life to save Lonnie and Rogelio. In return, they see his true loyalty which sets them on a crash course with Catra. After this episode, Lonnie starts really pushing back against Catra’s commands, because it’s endangering their team. The Horde Trio becomes way more protective of each other. This is the reason they leave the Horde to start a new life together.

While I wish we got to see them reconcile with Adora and Catra, I’m happy to know that my Horde Trio is out there in the world safe and happy.

And a total side note, that final Light Hope scene is just chilling.


Princess Scorpia

Two words:

Scorpia backstory!

This episode not only showed us the origins of one of the most lovable characters, we also got to see Scorpia come into her own. She was always told what to do and blindly followed orders. She realizes that she was a bystander in Entrapta’s banishment to Beast Island and was just as guilty. Seeing Scorpia finally taking charge of her own life is rewarding. Scorpia standing up to Catra was much needed not just for Scorpia but for Catra as well. Realizing how toxic her friend was, Scorpia chose to set out and make a better life choice.

It was also the first step of Catra working for redemption. By this point, Catra had pushed everyone else away. She finally took advantage of Scorpia so much that it made her left. Catra had to hit rock bottom, story wise, to have a strong and beautiful redemption arc in season five.



I can’t watch this episode without sobbing like a baby!

We finally learn more about Mara and Madame Razz. With so many mysteries surrounding her, Mara was always a character I wanted to know more about. But did Noelle Stevenson really have to take all of my feelings, put them in a glass bottle, and then smash it to pieces?

In this emotional episode, we saw that Mara was no different than Adora. She wanted to do the right things and save Etheria and it’s people. But she was also manipulated by Light Hope into sinister plans to destroy the world. In the end, she sacrificed her life doing what’s right.

AND THE PIE! The entire story is wrapped up in a series of comedy bits from Madame Razz needing to make a pie. But the reveal that the pie is in honor of Mara, with Madam Razz placing it on the seat where Mara died, just rips my heart out every time!


Destiny Part II

Everything changed with the arrival of Horde Prime.

Nothing would ever be the same again in She-Ra. The series villain, Hordak, was taken out in seconds. The war they had fought for four seasons suddenly didn’t matter anymore. Horde Prime came as a terrifying new threat erasing all the previous battle lines. It was time for everyone to unite against a greater evil.

This episode shifted the entire show. It was the Voldemort coming back in Harry Potter. It was the “Luke, I am your Father” moment. It was the Thanos snap. With the arrival of Horde Prime, everything changed and nothing could go back to the way it was before ever again.


Save the Cat

This is probably my favorite Adora and Catra episode.

It completely sets up the endgame of the series with this being the beginning of Adora realizing her feelings for Catra. Adora risks everything to save her oldest friend even if it means facing Horde Prime. She fights and begs Catra, now under the mind control of Prime, to come back to her. It’s heart wrenching and emotional as the two of them struggle. Finally when all seems lost and Catra looks like she’s dying, Adora becomes She-Ra once more to save the woman she loves. It’s such a powerful episode that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Also, we got introduced to the breakout star of season five. Wrong Hordak was such a surprising character that I never knew I needed. Now, I can’t imagine this world without him. I love that man.


Perils of Peekablue

This was a much needed episode in season five. Again with such a large cast, many of the side characters didn’t get much time as the Princess Alliance was split up. But this was a stellar episode featuring Mermista, Sea Hawk, Scorpia, Perfuma, and the wonderful return of Double Trouble in an under the sea noir inspired spy thriller.

Each character got a moment to really showcase why they’re awesome. Mermista and Sea Hawk got several cute moments together. Perfuma and Scorpia’s relationship deepened. Scorpia got that knockout song where her voice actor, Lauren Ash, really flexed her talent.

It was an amazingly fun romp until it wasn’t as Mermista and Scorpia fell to Horde Prime’s mind controlling chips. It upped the tension for a final showdown where the Princesses would have to face off against their friends.


Heart Part I and II

The finale is one of the most satisfying finales I have ever seen.

It validated all the queer representation that went into the series. All of the straight ships are together, even the groundbreaking work of Entrapta and Hordak being an autistic woman and a disabled man forming a romance. Catra and Adora’s story comes to an earned closing scene where their love saved the world.

And I love the open ending. As much as I would have enjoyed an epilogue of some sort, sometimes that’s not needed. It gives room for fans to run with their own creativity to explore what they think will happen next.

The finale was beautiful and historic in so many ways.


I absolutely love She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. I can’t wait to rewatch the show now that it’s complete. It’s become so important to me. I can only tip my cap to the cast and crew for their excellent work.

What are your favorite episodes of the series? Leave a comment down below and let me know!


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