Geeky Girl Gab Podcast: Rogue One Episode

I had the amazing experience being a guest on Geeky Girl Gab podcast. With hosts Candace and Bri, we also had Alice from Rogue Fun: A Podcast Story. Together, we discussed my personal favorite Star Wars movie, Rogue One.

About Geeky Girl Gab:

Geeky Girl Gab honestly started as a way for childhood best friends Candace and Bri to stay connected even though they now live on opposite sides of the country. They also wanted to add more female and diverse voices to nerdom! They soon after added another childhood friend Vanessa to the mix.

About Rogue Fun:

Every month, Alice White and special guests rewatch and explore a different aspect of Gareth Edward’s 2016 masterpiece Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


I really enjoyed talking Rogue One with these ladies. As my own show, Jaig Eyes and Jedi, focuses on Star Wars animation, I don’t get to deep dive into the films that much. This was such a wonderful experience. I loved hearing from Bri, who saw the movie for the first time and get her takes on what she liked. Alice, Candace, and I talked about the connections to animation. We all discussed the diversity of the film, Jyn’s mental health journey, how this movie impacted us personally as well as the franchise as a whole, and THAT Darth Vader scene. And so much more!

I can’t wait to talk with all of them again! Please check out the episode! I loved being part of this!




You can also hear more of Candace and Bri’s Star Wars rewatch here:


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