New Etsy Store Items


Two new designs have arrived in the Geeky Girl Experience Etsy store.

First up, we have Waddles the Keyboard Pig!

I’ve always loved Gravity Falls. Since we’re covering the show on Hope Makes Chris Watch Cartoons podcast, I thought it would be nice to have some merch to go with it. Waddles has found Soos’ keyboard and is jamming out!

This design comes on a T-Shirt in five different colors, coffee mug, sticker, and a variety of phone cases.

Next up, are you part of the Boo-Boo Buddy Club? You are if you’re a fan of The Owl House! This design comes in a T-Shirt with three color choices, a coffee mug, and a water bottle. On the back of the mug and bottle, Owlbert is hanging out to say hello.


Check out all of this and more at the Geeky Girl Experience Etsy Store!

And be on the lookout for new items to come!



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