Geeky Girl Experience: Around the Web in Twelve Days!

It has been a crazy two weeks for me! Instead of writing up an article today, I am sharing what I’ve been up to off the site and give a little preview of some things to come.

First up, I had the honor to be part of Postcards from the Galaxy’s Edge which is with Beyond the Blast Doors Network. Along with a fabulous group of people, we discussed when Star Wars spoke to us as LGBTQA+ individuals:

The Moment Star Wars Spoke to Me: With Love

Join Shannon from Postcards from the Galaxy’s Edge in her 3rd Episode of “The Moment Star Wars Spoke to me” and this time we are with moments from the LGBTQ+ Community.

It was really emotional hearing everyone’s stories. It was also interesting to see how my favorite character, Ahsoka Tano, impacted people in so many different ways. It’s a powerful story, and I was so happy that I was invited to be part of it.

Next was Remembering Resistance, which was an event that I prepared for all through August by writing Star Wars Resistance articles leading up to it. On Remembering Resistance Day, the lovely folks over at Friends of the Force published an article I wrote.

The article was called “Resistance: Blue Collar Star Wars.” It was an updated article I wrote early in the site. I originally wrote it after season one, but I wanted to update it now that the show was completed.

You can read the article here!

Also huge thanks to Brad and Sarah for putting it together. You guys are the best!

The same weekend of Remembering Resistance, I also participated in ForceFest Saga which was a digital version of Star Wars Celebration. I hosted the A Look Back on Star Wars Animation panel. Joining me were three powerhouse panelists being Candace from the Geeky Waffle Network, Arezou from, and Thomas from The Legal Geeks.

I love everyone on this panel, and it was a huge honor to talk with them. I especially loved Candace and Arezou discussing representation in animation.

And finally this morning, I had the awesome privilege to be on the Clone Wars Recap panel for Dragon Con Goes Virtual.

This was extra special for me. Dragon Con is MY convention. It was my first con as a teenager. It falls on my birthday weekend every year. It’s a special place in my heart. I was feeling really bummed this year about it being cancelled.

And the moment I saw everyone’s faces, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I saw Melissa and Logan, who I paneled with last year. I got to talk with Myles (and Miss Tammie) who I’ve gotten to know recently. I got to meet Colby who was a fantastic moderator. And it’s always a joy to see Miss Brandy, who works tirelessly to lead the track.

This absolutely made my year.

I can’t wait to get back to Dragon Con next year.

Needless to say, it’s been a busy month! And there’s more to come. I can’t say anything just yet, but keep an eye on Pink Milk podcast. I’m guesting on their show soon, but I can’t say what we’re doing yet!

I also recorded a special episode of Hope Makes Chris Watch Cartoons podcast with Ally from Knights of Wren discussing season one of The Owl House. That will be out later this week!


Check out all the cool people in this post too. They’re all great people, and I adore all of them.

Until next time, stay safe!



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