New Shop! New Items!

Hey guys!

I wanted to give you an update on something I’ve been working on! I opened a second online store! This one is a Redbubble shop.

I launched it with my first line called Pride of Loth-Cats.

Loth-Cats are one of my favorite animals in the Star Wars universe. They debuted in Star Wars Rebels, and I loved them ever since. They come in a variety of choices, perfect for any LGBTQIA+ Star Wars fan.

And if you don’t see your orientation of choice, please let me know! I’ll be happy to make more!

The second line I launched is Luz’s Magic Glyphs from The Owl House!

As a big fan of The Owl House, I was excited to make this line. At the moment, there are the light, fire, ice, and plant glyphs! As the show progresses, I will definitely add more!

You can find all these and more at my Redbubble store!

But don’t you fret, dear reader! The Etsy shop is still going too! In fact, I’ve recently added a few more items over there!

To continue with The Owl House love, the Etsy shop has the glyphs in ornament form. Sadly, Redbubble doesn’t have an ornament option, so they’re in a separate shop away from the rest of the collection.

For Halloween, I made a line of Mimikyu items but they’re perfect for any Pokemon fan anytime! They come in two choices: normal form and shiny form! I’ve loved Pokemon for decades, and Mimikyu has quickly become one of my personal favorites!

And there’s still plenty of the Waddles the Keyboard Pig too for you Gravity Falls fans out there!

Since you read this far, here’s a little reward for the Etsy store:

Click here and a coupon will be applied to your shopping cart for all of the items in my ETSY shop!


I’m really excited about all of this! I hope you enjoy it, and happy shopping!


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