I’m a big advocate for fanfiction. It’s an important part of being in fandom. They keep franchises alive. They expose fans to new ideas. They allow creators a place to learn about themselves, try new things, and work through problems. It’s where many writers get their start to build a fanbase before publishing. Fanfiction has been featured in documentaries like Looking for Leia. It has even won major awards.


I love reading and writing fanfiction. I use fanfiction as a way to practice my writing, try new things, use characters outside of my comfort zone, and so on. I host my work on Archive of Our Own where I mostly write Star Wars fanfics. But I have also dabbled in other fandoms as well like She-Ra, some of my favorite podcasts, and CATS.

Yes, CATS as in the musical CATS. It was one of my first fandoms. It was my first exposure to live theatre. I know it’s a ridiculous play with basically no plot. I love it so much. Don’t fight me on this one.

I have several works in process (WIP) as well as numerous one shots. Here are some of my projects:



Forces of Gravity

Fandom: Star Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Clone Wars

Summary: Cass Kiyanu-Nuruodo has released a controversial book in the time of the New Republic. It outlines the lives of his parents, their meeting, their secret relationship, and his father’s death at Lothal. It caused quite a stir, because his father was Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Artwork by Elisa: Background by my co-podcaster Chris Honeywell


The Lucky Lekku

Fandom: Star Wars, Star Wars Rebels

Summary: Agent Alexsandr Kallus gets a ridiculous mission: investigate a boy band to look for a Rebel spy. This isn’t just any boy band. It’s the Lucky Lekku, the most popular band in the galaxy, so popular that the Empire can’t touch them.


Being Enough

Fandom: CATS Musical

Summary: With the sudden death of their leader, the Jellicles are in mourning. Young Munkustrap struggles with the change. And without anyone to protect them, the entire tribe is in danger until someone steps up into the role.


My favorite one shots that I wrote


10 Most Beautiful Words: Chimes, Dawn, Golden, Hush, Lullaby, Luminous, Melody, Mist, Murmuring, Tranquil

Fandom: All Star Wars

Summary: Ten ficlets in one fic:

Chimes: Kanan and Hera

Dawn: Ahsoka Tano

Golden: Bodhi Rook and Galen Erso

Hush: Han and Leia

Lullaby: Sabine and Captain Rex

Luminous: Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor

Melody: Zeb and Kallus

Mist: Obi-Wan and Anakin

Murmuring: Ezra Bridger

Tranquil: Luke Skywalker



Fandom: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Summary: Stars… Catra heard stories about stars, but she never knew they were so beautiful. And yet, they were so terrifying.


We are Brave, Your Highness

Fandom: Star Wars, Phantom Menace, Queen’s Shadow

Summary: Sabé meets the reason why Bail Organa asked her to come to Alderaan after Padme’s death.



Fandom: Rogue One, written for the SniperPilot (Cassian/Bodhi) Halloween event

Summary: In the darkness, Cassian dreaded the idea of never speaking to Bodhi again.


Pickled Onions

Fandom: Rogue One, Star Wars Rebels

Summary: Kallus and Cassian have a secret meeting about “her.”


Happy reading!