I’ve been a podcaster for over a decade. It’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s the space I can be myself to express my thoughts and opinions. I’ve met so many wonderful people through the years who have become lifelong friends. The podcasting community is a beautiful place where everyone is willing to help each other, swap ideas and theories, and sometimes rant about fandom nonsense.


Current Show

I’m on one current show called Jaig Eyes and Jedi part of the Two True Freaks Network. My co-podcaster Chris Honeywell and I are working our way through what we call the Filoniverse, shows that have been created, written, produced, or overseen by Dave Filoni. We’ve completed the original run of The Clone Wars. We’re currently working our way through Star Wars Rebels. We have plans to do Star Wars Resistance, Clone Wars season seven, The Freemaker Adventures, The Mandalorian, and whatever else comes after it. Our focus is on Star Wars animation, but Filoni’s work on The Mandalorian has prompted us to add it to the list too.

We talk spoilers, so if you’re new to any of these shows, be aware that you will be spoiled.


I should note that it’s a not safe for work podcast.

Here are the places where you can find the show:

Our website





Please note that we’re in the process of building a new Two True Freaks website. Until it’s completed, the RSS feeds have been acting up. Not all of these have the most up to date episode lists. The new website should be completed in a few weeks.

Starting episodes:

GREVIOUS INTRIGUE– Our most infamous and referred to episode of the show

Bombad Jedi– Our second most referred to episode of our show.

The Lawless

Rebels season one wrap up

The Honorable Ones

SDCC, Thrawn, Fanfics, and More

The Great Ranking– We rank all of the Star Wars movies. There’s some surprises in there!


Past Shows

Hope of All Trades was my first podcast. It was experimental by nature and used as a platform to talk about different fandoms. I was in college at the time, so the episodes didn’t have a regular release schedule. I consider Hope of All Trades as a retired show, but I’m open to returning to it in the future.


Who True Freaks was our Doctor Who podcast with a rotating cast of commentators. I was mostly on New Who episodes. The show is on a definite hiatus after the sudden death of our friend and creator Shawn Engel back in 2015. We’ve tried to continue the show, but he was the real force behind Who True Freaks. I’m open to returning to this show as well. It’s difficult to record without Shawn. Maybe one day…


Podcasting Books

My friend Bill Meeks from Do Anything Media published a book called Fan Podcasting: The Complete Guide where I was a contributor and beta reader. You’ll find quotes and passage with me discussing podcasting.


Do you consider yourself an expert on your favorite TV show, movie, or book? Do you have the knowledge, equipment, charm, and passion, but aren’t sure how to create a podcast your listeners will love just as much, if not more, than the media you talk about every week?

Fan Podcasting: The Complete Guide teaches you how to build an engaging podcast and killer community while geeking out about your favorite content. This book isn’t about which podcast microphone to buy, or how to set up a podcast feed. This motivational how-to guide teaches you how to create a podcast so awesome, your listeners will stick around even if they stop watching the show you review. Creating fun, engaging, consistent content is Podcasting 101.

You can buy the book here:

Print Edition



And please check out the awesome things Bill Meeks is doing over at Do Anything Media!